Sticky Mat

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Sticky Mat

Adhesive Layered, Straight Edged 

Code: ASSM2436 

Size:  600 X 900 mm
Layers: 30 layers per mat
Pack Quantity: 10 Mats/Pack

Each Sticky Mat is composed of multiple layers of polyethylene film laminated together into a stack, each layer is coated with a unique adhesive and the exposed surface is smooth.

The surface is impregnated with an Anti-Microbial. 


Controlling foot and wheel borne contamination can be tricky. To successfully control this contamination hazard, we recommend at least 3 contacts with any contamination control matting for effective use.

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  • Easy to use. Once the surface layer is contaminated simply peel off the top layer and dispose.

  • Used in many electronics, medical-device, pharmaceutical, aerospace and nuclear industries around the world.

  • Adhesive surface effectively removes dirt and dust from footwear in high foot traffic areas.

  • Anti-microbial surface prevents growth of bacteria.

  • A cost effective alternative to permanent contamination control matting or flooring.