Mechanical, no fragile electronics

Mechanical and Portable

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Faster application = Savings

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No trip risk. Less Injury.

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No bending. No RSI.

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No contaminated hands.

Experience the same savings as these customers:

  • Concord Hospital

  • Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology

  • Murray Goulburn Dairy Co-op

  • Citic Pacific Mining

  • Mt Isa Mines

  • Chevron


  • University of Queensland

  • University of Melbourne

  • Glaxo Smith Kline

  • Thiess Services

  • Spotless 

  • Pfizer


The original Step'n Go - Australia's first Shoe Cover Dispenser, saving money and injuries since 2012. 

Automatic Shoe cover dispensers or shoe cover applicator machines reduce lost time, cost, cleaning, injuries and foot borne contamination. The Step'N Go machines utilise a full range of non-woven overshoes, polyethylene, polypropylene and strong white non-slip shoe covers / booties / bootie covers for the most demanding situations. They fit the largest shoes/boots, portable, mechanical (no electronics), unbreakable and fool-proof this is an essential hygiene product for laboratories, cleanrooms, mine sites, lunchrooms, food processing, police and forensics, nursing homes, floor protection for tradesmen and real estate and more. Get a Quote Now.

Our reliable, high quality shoe cover dispenser Australia and large heavy duty shoe covers are now available globally.


The Step'N Go product range includes sticky mats, coveralls, isolation gowns, sterile gloves, face mask respirators and scrub suits. 

Cost Savings Calculator

Calculate your savings in 5 easy steps and see how much your company can save!

Without a Step'n Go® Kinetic Applicator

Using a Step'n Go® Kinetic Applicator

1. Hourly Costs Of Labour



2. User

3. Time To Put On Shoe Covers

55 sec.

4. Applications Per Day

5. Annual Workdays



Includes time to grab shoe covers, walk to area where they are put on, sit down on bench as appropriate, put shoe covers on

Annual Costs Of Labour For All User



Your savings


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“A great system – it’s turned a daily chore into a relished task”

“It’s so simple, I don’t know why it wasn’t designed earlier, our staff love it”

“The Step’N Go is a must in every facility; it saves so much time, and effort, and relieves a constant OHS concern”

“Safety is always an issue and this system helps greatly in that respect”

“This is awesome! The fact that it uses no power means it’s so flexible, it can be used during building & renovations, or for everyday use, I can even see a market for it in other sectors like removing hygiene risks at entry to eating areas & canteens on site or in mining etc”

“The Step’N Go is top Quality, I can envisage getting 20 years life out of it, and the shoe covers for it fit even our largest boots. They last for ages too! A brilliant solution to a big problem!”