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The Step'n Go® Kinetic Applicator: The powerless solution

The Clean and Safe Solution, Saving Time and Saving money. Step’n Go® Kinetic Shoe Cover Applicators will have you covered in one step, handling huge volumes & using No power, it is the answer to anyone who wants to save time, money and the environment!

  • Unique and Convenient anywhere, especially for facility visitors.
  • Accommodates high volumes of shoe cover usage.
  • Great for areas requiring quick foot borne contamination protection.
  • Suitable for the largest boots, on building sites or even hygiene risk areas like lunch bars.
  • Requires no power, saving money and the environment.
  • Simple fill and activate operation.
  • No need to make physical contact with dirty shoes.
  • Eliminates Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) a #1 OHS issue.
  • Risk of tripping is virtually eliminated.
  • A time saver = a money saver.
  • A Quality Certified Product.
  • Full 12 month Guarantee.

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User Testimonials

“A great system – it’s turned a daily chore into a relished task”

“It’s so simple, I don’t know why it wasn’t designed earlier, our staff love it”

“The Step’N Go is a must in every facility; it saves so much time, and effort, and relieves a constant OHS concern”

“Safety is always an issue and this system helps greatly in that respect”

“This is awesome! The fact that it uses no power means it’s so flexible, it can be used during building & renovations, or for everyday use, I can even see a market for it in other sectors like removing hygiene risks at entry to eating areas & canteens on site or in mining etc”

“The Step’N Go is top Quality, I can envisage getting 20 years life out of it, and the shoe covers for it fit even our largest boots. They last for ages too! A brilliant solution to a big problem!”


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